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All about mortgage variations

The most common types of mortgage loans:

Annuity: The peculiarity of an annuity mortgage is that the monthly payment associated with the chosen interest rate does not change for the entire period for which you have fixed the interest rate. However, the net monthly cost will slowly increase.

Linear form: a fixed mortgage amount is repaid monthly (mortgage amount divided by the term). The amount of interest to be paid will be calculated only on the outstanding balance of the mortgage. This results in a larger monthly payment in the first years of repayment, which will gradually decrease over time.

No monthly repayments: this is a form of mortgage where you do not pay the principal, but only pay interest on the total amount throughout the term. Repayment of the mortgage principal is allowed during the term, but is not required. You are obliged to pay the entire mortgage amount immediately after the end of the term. This creates maximum flexibility, as the monthly payment is the lowest.